Saturday, June 13, 2015

Magic Squares

"The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt."   Unknown

Back in March, I shared a quilt square (on paper) that I had tangled and then put four of them together to make a larger quilt design. If you missed that post, or just don't remember it, you can see it here. I told you I'd be back soon with another one, so here I am. This started with a different design. And what better tangle to use than one called Quiltz! That's what forms the X. I added a little Paradox, and some pieces of Munchin, and here is my square.
Not bad, but when I put four of them together, that's where the magic comes from.

Next I added some color, using my pastel pencils in yellow and two shades of orange...

And put them back together in a group of four.

I took the above two pictures before remembering that I wanted to add a few more little spots of color. See where I added them in the next picture?

And once again I put together a group of four.

I really love the way it ended up. This process is so much fun...don't be surprised if you find me back here soon with yet another design!