Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things Are Stacking Up Nicely

"Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts."   Rita Mae Brown

Over in the Facebook group 'Zentangle: Stacked and Tangled', there was a new "suggestion" this week. Tangling on papers that are not just white or one color... scrapbook paper, paper with text, lined paper, etc. I went through my stash of paper (it's very large), and came up with a couple of ideas. 

Here is a picture of a piece of mini origami type paper, 3 inches square, very thin and delicate. Sorry about the pencil line you see. I started to draw my lines for the stacking, remembered I hadn't taken a picture, and forgot to erase the line before the photo.
I tangled using my Micron 01 pen. Patterns from top to bottom are N'zeppel, Tipple, and Betweed. I decided not to tangle over the layer of flowers on the top, but instead outlined some of them with my pen to make them pop out a bit. When I look at this I feel like the flowers on top are on a tree and they're falling off and getting scattered on the ground. (I have a good imagination I guess!)

This next paper comes from a pad I have of 6 inch square cardstock type papers with all kinds of different designs on them. It isn't one of my favorite designs or color schemes, but it looks like a frame just waiting for the center to be tangled.

I stacked my layers using both brown and black Microns, and did a little shading with brown and white pastel pencils. To finish it off I added some white pops of color with my Uniball Signo UM 153 gel pen. Patterns from top to bottom are Dandi, Fassett, Onamato, Wud, Twile/Stoic, and Dandi.

I have to say that this transformed itself from a so-so design into one of my favorite tangled pieces. I love the combination of brown and black pens on the background color, and of course the white highlights. That's the amazing thing about Zentangle... you never know what you're going to end up with. Sometimes the ones you start off not liking are the ones that become your favorites!

***Update to this post: I have just been informed (7/30/15), that the FB group that I mentioned above is no longer open to new members at this time. Sorry!



  1. Beautiful! ... And now I want to go buy scrapbook and other papers ... :)
    (I've also discovered another group!)

    1. Thank you Lynne! It's fun using different papers.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Joanne! There are so many pretty origami type papers.

  3. Awesome. I am new to this and am loving it the more I learn about it. How does one go about joining your group?

    1. It isn't "my" group, but just a group I belong to. Unfortunately, I was just informed that the group is no longer open to new members. Sorry!

    2. Awww bummer. Ok well thanks for the info :)