Saturday, February 11, 2017


"Be the most brilliant color in the box."     Unknown

A quick post to share my tile for the Diva's challenge this week - to use the tangle pattern Hamadox by Diana Schreur. Hamadox, which I was using for the first time, is a combination of Hamail and Paradox, and fun to draw. 

I began with another one of my alcohol inked backgrounds (these tiles are almost ready to be added to my Etsy shop!), but this time a Zendala tile.

I drew my Hamadox, choosing to use 3/4 of the complete pattern that normally goes all the way around in a circular shape. And I added a simple background grid.

Then I shaded using graphite and added a few dots with white gel pen.

And when I finished I realized that I used a tile with the same coloring as my last Diva post. Oh well... I guess I like these colors!


  1. I like those colours too! I like how the movement of the colours of the tile gives it so much texture. Your Hamadox is terrific! But the shading makes it look amazing!

  2. Beauriful Hamadox on a wonderful colored background.

  3. Your colored zendala is gorgeous... and then you add your beautiful tangling to create a masterpiece! The grid background is a perfect complement to your lovely hamadox. Your shading and line work is wonderful.

  4. Those are beautiful colors, and your circular Hamadox is lovely!