Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Shading with Markers

"Life isn't black and white. It's a million gray areas, don't you find?"    
 Ridley Scott

I recently (actually it's probably been a while now) purchased Eni Oken's e-book on shading with gray markers. Finally I got a chance to give the technique a whirl. I used Copic markers - N0, N2, and N4 - and worked on official Zentangle tiles. 

I wanted to see how different the shading with markers looked from shading with graphite, so first I took out a tile I completed a while ago with graphite. I erased a small section of my pencil shading and did it over with the markers. Below you can see where I used the markers on the big top section of Phicops, while the rest of the tile has pencil. The marker shading looks smoother and has a more silvery tone to it. 

I liked the way it looked, so I tangled another tile to shade entirely with markers.

Then another tile where I tried out the tangle Citrus, by Adele Bruno, for the first time. Here I show it before shading and then after shading with the Copics.

Another one using the new to me tangle Belle, by Sarah Harrison. I think the Huggins may have gotten a little overwhelmed by the shading.

Lastly, I did a monotangle of another new to me tangle, Op Art 1, by Ina Sonnenmoser.

It was fun working with the Copic markers for shading. I still need to delve a little more into Eni's e-book. I have the gray pens she suggests using to add the finishing touches, but have to admit that I totally forgot about using them on these tiles. Oh well, next time!

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  1. Thanks for this,as I have been wanting to try the markers I have. But, not sure if I will ever give up the pencil!