Saturday, October 24, 2015

Orange is the New Black

"I'm pretty lazy when it comes to creativity. I just want it to be easy and fun."    Reggie Watts

I was in the mood for a Zendala. An easy Zendala. One that was already drawn so I didn't need to do the designing. Sometimes it's nice to just be lazy.  So I pulled out a book I have called "Mandala Designs" from Dover publications. The first half of this book has designs with spaces perfect for tangling, while the second half has intricate designs appropriate for coloring, but not tangling. This is the one I decided to work on .

Since it's October and Halloween is approaching, I chose a piece of Canson Mi Teintes paper in orange and transferred the design onto the paper. Here's a picture of my tangling (I had to keep reminding myself not to fill every bit, leaving some white space, or in this case, orange space.)

Patterns used: Wigwam, Dex, Fassett, and some orbs

Then I added shading and decided to make it deep, dark, bold shading to give the Zendala a spooky kind of look. I hope that's what I've achieved here.

It's that time of year... watch out for the witches, ghosts and goblins!


  1. This is just gorgeous! It was nice to see the pre shaded version as well as the finished piece. Happy Halloween!

  2. Very very cool. Love the tangles and the shading.