Friday, March 28, 2014

Wild and Wacky

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory."   George S Patton

This week I joined a new Facebook group called Wacky Zentangle Weekly Challenges. Not that I don't already have enough (too many) groups that I belong to. But I like the idea of having another challenge to do each week, or choose not to do as I see fit, especially since the Zendala Dare has been put on hold for a while. The challenge for this week is to make a Zentangle with ribbons, stripes and/or bands. Here's my take on the challenge.

Starting with a Hollibaugh string to form my bands, I filled each one with a different tangle. I added shading to the edges of each band in an effort to make them look rounded. I think it worked better on some of the bands than others. Once shaded, I felt like it needed something else but didn't want to add more tangles. Deciding to keep the "less is more" look, I added some color to the background using watercolor pencils. I was very happy with the finished look.

Then I decided to try another one. This time I thought I'd draw ribbons. Recently I purchased Helen Williams' (a little lime) e-book, Flips, folds, ribbon and strings, so I went through it reading her directions and watching her videos on how to draw ribbons. I will never be as good as Helen, but I'm not totally unhappy with what I did.

I think I need some more practice, but I had fun doing it.

Can't wait to see what the wacky challenge is for next week!


  1. Both of them are very good, I will try and do some ribbons, tried but cannot manage. xx

  2. Love the ribbons. I have a challenge each Tues. Check me out at: It is called Tackle It Tuesday. We are getting more people to participate each week. Come on over Carin for some more fun of tangling! Mine is really different.

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