Thursday, March 13, 2014


"It's a marvelous night for a Moondance, with the stars up above in your eyes."    Van Morrison

First, I'd like to thank all of you who purchased my new e-book of tangle patterns that was published last week. My first week of sales was wonderful! If you missed it and would like to take a peek inside the book, you can see it here on my last blog post.

This week's diva challenge was to create a duotangle (a Zentangle or Zentangle inspired art with only two tangle patterns) using the tangles crescent moon and diva dance. Since these are two of my favorite tangles, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do this one. 

I am planning a class for next month on using the (fairly) new renaissance tiles, so I decided to work on one of these tiles for this challenge as it will give me another example to show my students. I used black micron, brown micron, white charcoal pencil, brown colored pencil, and graphite pencil. I just love the dimension these tiles have when working with the different colors and shading/highlighting. 

But now I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of my tile before doing the shading and highlighting, because it makes SUCH a HUGE difference. To me, the tile was kind of blah until I added those steps. So all I can show you is the final result.

Notice that I used this as another opportunity to leave white (in this case tan) space in the tile which was a Diva challenge last month, and something I'm not very good at. I love the way the tile pops because of the browns and whites. If you haven't given this a try yet, you really should. And if you live in my area of South Carolina come take the class with me! (And if you don't, it's a great place to visit!)


  1. Looks great. I agree that the shading and highlights add so much. When I did my first Renaissance tile I only used white and I did not use the black.

  2. Wonderful tile on the tan paper!

  3. Very beautiful, after getting used to these tiles they are a great extra.

  4. I do wish I lived closer, Caren! I'd love to learn to use Renaissance tiles but unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any here in Spain (afford to get any...!) It's so very lovely and the white shading is gorgeous. A lovely moondance. Axxx

  5. These tangles work so well together. I like the spaces left. It is hard to do that and yet it makes the tile have breathing room and lets the tangles shine. Beautiful.