Thursday, January 11, 2018

Black and White and Red All Over

"To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul."        Andri Cauldwell

In my last blog post I mentioned a project I was working on which had slowed down the progress I am making on my Zenduo adventure. Well, it's finally finished and I'm back to share the process photos along with the final project.

We recently moved to a new house and I wanted to tangle something to hang on one of the walls. I bought a frame that is meant to hold 10 individual photos. My plan was to design a string that would run through all 10 spaces and then tangle 10 4x6 pieces that would form a cohesive whole. I liked the idea of the 10 separate parts so if I messed up one it wouldn't mean I needed to start the whole thing over. Amazingly enough I did not need to redo any of them!  

I decided to tangle on white Stonehenge paper. The decorating scheme in my house is black and white and gray, with red accents. The style is modern, which is probably evident from the colors. Goes great with Zentangle! So in the same way, my tangling would be black on white, gray (graphite) shading, and red accents. 

I cut out 10 pieces of the Stonehenge and laid them out the way the frame was designed. I had to tape them together so I could draw the string. Here are a few pictures of the string.

I tangled Gewurtz in the "pathway", and then some Sand Swirl and Munchin. I chose tangles that I not only liked, but felt very comfortable with so there was less chance of messing up.

Then I added Fassett, N'zeppel, and Tipple. I probably should mention that I did all my tangling with my new Micron PN pens, which I love. They have a sturdier plastic nib with the same great ink.

I continued with Beelight not in a grid, Printemps, and some more Fassett.

I completed the tangling with Diva Dance, Huggins, and some more Munchin and Tipple. I was waiting to add the red accents until after all the tangling, but I had to use it on the Diva Dance as I went along.

Then I went back and added some more red accents using a red Identipen since I found that to be a truer red than the Micron red pen.

And then the rest of the red that I wanted. The only section that I left without red accents was the N'zeppel.

Next was the task of shading, which took quite a bit of time. And finally...

That wasn't a great photo, so a couple of close-up shots so you can see it a little better, especially the shading.

Unfortunately you can't see the red at all in the Sand Swirl in that picture. I also took a photo at an angle so you can see that the frame is actually 3-D.

And after all that, I figured I should show you what it looks like on my wall. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and think it fits in very well with the rest of my decor. I was so relieved after all that work!

Now back to my other project...Zenduos.



  1. Love this ideal. Lovely work. The flow of tangle love it. I love brown & tan. Great shading bring it out. Stubbing art!

  2. Caren: found your blog and wanted to say thanks so much for sharing your process steps. I'm a fairly new tangler and attended CZT#29. All the CZTs amaze me with their work sharing it on a CZT group, or on blogs. I never drew by hand before until I attended a "healing for arts" 2 hour session for breast cancer patients in March 2016. The Zentangle table peaked my interest and I have been hooked ever since. Purchased Rick and Maria's books and just keep on practicing and tangling. Thanks for sharing your amazing work. It truly helps "chemo brain" and improves my mental health day-by-day looking at all the beautiful art the CZTs worldwide create. Sincerely, Gloria Vatavuk Johnstown, PA

  3. Just had to comment! What a wonderful approach and lots of work but sooo worth it! I love your end result and a great decorating accent. One of my Daughters has taken to having my cards framed too. Thank you for sharing your ART.

  4. Beautiful! Looks so great in your house. I am inspired to start a project now... Thank you.

  5. I am so in admiration of this project. Just lovely and I can imagine working on it over time. I am now going to look for some interesting frames that might work for something similar. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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