Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gray Magic

"You just do the best you can with what you've got... and sometimes magic strikes."     Sally Field

Just stopping by with a quick post to show you what I worked on today. Time for some gray-toned Strathmore paper. And of course with gray paper comes a black Micron, white pastel pencil for highlights, white uni-ball Signo UM 153 pen for accents, and graphite for shading.

 Patterns used: Porky, Flux, Phicops, Printemps, and Tipple

I'm happy with the flow in this, and love the magic of the highlighting and shading on gray. That's it for now. Told you it would be quick. Hope to see you back here next time!

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  1. Waving hello from across two rivers. I ADORE YOUR new post. I've gotta drop into one of your classes, just for old-time's sake. At minimum I need to learn "porky" -- that's a new one for me. LOL Just wanted to say hello as I wandered old favs today. Happy Fall! (My favorite time of year.) :Janet S./West Ashley/CZT16