Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Goes Around Comes Around

"You know, if you hang around this earth long enough you really see how things come full circle."   Patti Davis

It's been a Zendala kind of week. I love Zendalas, but decided I felt like just doing the tangling without the planning. I do love planning and drawing the strings on my own, with the knowledge that no other Zendala will be exactly like it. But sometimes it's just really extra relaxing to take one that is already strung and just add the tangles. So I pulled out three of my pre-strung Zendala tiles and tangled away.

The first one is light and airy feeling - not usually my style, but I really like this one. Completed using Flux, Tipple, and some lines.

The next one got a little bolder, with Knightsbridge, Fassett, Beadlines, Piza, and a touch of Cadent in the center.

The last one is fairly simple, but with lots of the contrast that I love. The center is kind of a spinoff from Static - at least that's what I was thinking of as I did this. Then I added Florz all around the outside. Sometimes my favorite tiles turn out to be the ones with the fewest number of different tangles.

In case you'd like to try some pre-strung Zendala tiles yourself, you can find them in my Etsy shop as part of my variety packs - in white, black, and Renaissance tiles. Keep in mind that my shop will be closed from July 17 - 28 while I am away. First I will be in Canada at a CZT retreat, and then on to Oregon to travel down the coast. I hope to post once or twice while I'm away, but just in case I have any difficulty with that, see you in a while!


  1. They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. I love them all for different reasons and can't point out a favorite.

  2. Thank you! They are all very different. That's what I love so much about Zentangle.