Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Getting Married in the Morning

"Find the one who makes your heart smile."  Unknown

My daughter's best friend is getting married later this month. Looking for a gift for her friend, my daughter commissioned me to make some Zentangle art work for her (at the reduced family rate, of course!) Now for a little geography here - I live in SC, my daughter lives in Scotland right now, and her friend lives in MD. So I was to complete the piece and ship it to MD with an arrival date a few weeks before the wedding. I finished it a while ago, but didn't want to post pictures here on the very slim chance that the bride would see this. Now that the package arrived (safe and sound, luckily), and the bride and groom seem to like it, I can safely show you some pictures. 

First is the before shading photo. An illuminated letter Q for their last name.

Next, the shaded version - what a difference a pencil can make!

And last, the matted and framed picture. Believe me, it wasn't easy getting a photo without all kinds of reflections in the glass. It looked nice hanging on my wall...if only my name started with a Q!

And, coincidentally, yesterday when I pulled out the alphabet book I'm working on for my grandchildren, the next letter to do was the Q. So I decided to show you the latest page, since we're talking about the letter Q anyway. I like how the capital letter looks like a mini zendala!

I hope that the bride and groom will enjoy their gift for a long time, and that if I ever finish the alphabet book, my grandchildren will enjoy their gift also. 

Congratulations Becca and Phil!


  1. Caren, you do such beautiful work. Did you do the lettering freehand? This is lovely!

    1. Thanks Grace! No, I wish I could letter like that! It was printed from the computer ( I assume you mean the Quigley part)