Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Who-o-o, Who-o-o!

"A wise owl lived in an oak. The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke the more he heard. Why aren't we like that wise old bird?"   Unknown author

I recently joined a Facebook group called Ornation Creation, where the very talented Ben Kwok posts weekly templates (mostly animals, but also some other things) for us to tangle. I completed my first one, an owl, this past week. It took some time to complete, partly because the hardest part was deciding which tangles to use where, so that it didn't look too busy.

Here's the owl completed, but without any shading.

Next, as I began to shade, I decided that since the owl is symmetrical, I would shade one half and post a picture so you can see the difference. You can see it, can't you? (Just in case you can't, the left side is shaded and the right is not).

Then I completed the shading and decided to color the eyes. I wish I had looked at photos of owls before doing the eyes, because if I had, the eyes would be yellow! Oh well.

Although it was not a quick little project, I enjoyed doing it and am happy with the result (except for those green eyes!) I have the zebra template printed and all ready to between some other projects I'm working on.


  1. That is so cool. I'm going to have to join that group now too. I love the owl.

    1. Thanks Deb. There are a lot of great templates on the FB page. I just need to find time to do some more.