Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just Playing Around

"A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament."   Oscar Wilde

I just returned home from a 10 day trip. First to visit my sister in Massachusetts, and then on to Maine for three awesome, inspiring, jam-packed days of tangling and socializing with more than 100 other CZTs at Tangle University. More on the latter in the near future. Right now I thought I'd share some of the tangling I did while visiting my sister, who also does some tangling of her own. 

I recently published my e-book, Step Out in Style, in which I included tangles from 10 guest CZT contributors. I really haven't had much time to play with their tangles, so that's what I set out to do. Here's the first tile I did, which focuses on Sochi, the tangle submitted by Cris Letourneau, author of the book Made in the Shade, as well as a new book due out very shortly. I really like the swirly feel of this tangle, and the swirls actually became the string.

Next I decided to use a zendala tile. I incorporated patsy monk's tangle (yes, her name is legally spelled with only lowercase letters), Kornel, in the center, and Karen Crittenden's tangle, Bones, radiating out on the four sides. Although I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out, and even though it is a little off center, I was very happy with the look of it when it was finished. 

After that, I attempted three new tangles in one tile. Forming the diagonal on this tile is Just Great, by Mary Ann Scheblein-Dawson. I added two variations of Donna Hornsby's tangle Kardz. It's the one with blackened rectangles in one version, and lines with sparkles in the other version. Then I added Alyss Amster's tangle, Grate (with the lines radiating out from the center) and finished it off with one of my old favorites, Baton. I like the contrast between the light and airy center and the darkness surrounding it, but I'm not sure if I tried to squeeze too much into the space. 

For my fourth tile I pulled out a tan colored Renaissance tile. I included Shrumps, with a slight variation from the original, by Kathryn Jacoby. It's the pattern on the upper part of the tile, with the black "centers". On the lower half I drew Grace, by Deb Prewitt. I liked the way the brown and black pens went together with the white highlights in both of the tangles. I finished off the four corners of the tile with some Betweed and Huggins.

At this point I had two more tangles to play with. I started with Sharon McKenney's Mimi-Meemer in the center of this tile. Here it reminds me of a layer cake about to topple over! Then I added Radhost, by Yvonne Westover. I chose to use single strands of the pattern, criss-crossing behind the "cake". Florz made a nice open background for the tile, after which I added a few pops of red.

And there you have it, my examples of 10 new tangles from the contributors to my book. It was a lot of fun playing with them, and although some look a little different than in the original step-outs, that's what makes Zentangle so great. You can take a pattern and make it your own and have a completely unique piece of art!


  1. Wonderful idea Caren! And nice executions! Thanks for including my tangle Just Great.

  2. These are great thanks for sharing. xx

  3. THanks for sharing all the names of the various tangles you used. This is SO helpful.

  4. could you possible find the step outs for Shrumps for me? I have looks all over and I don't think Kathryn has a blog. And if she has posted it on Pinterest she has not labeled it so I can find it.

    1. Hi Ginny. All the patterns I used in these tiles are from the contributors to my e-book. They haven't been published anywhere else. If you're interested in getting the e-book you can click on the link in the 2nd paragraph of my post.