Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Having a ball

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."   Babe Ruth

Not too long ago, fellow CZT Kelley Kelly shared a picture of a piece of scrapbook paper on which she had added her tangling. You should check out more of her wonderful work on her blog, but here's what she created on that scrapbook paper.

I thought it was beautiful and a great idea, so I immediately went through my stash of paper to see what I had. Unfortunately I didn't find anything appropriate. So off to the store I went to find some inspiring papers. I still couldn't find anything that I thought was as cool as Kelley's paper, but I selected several to bring home and play with.

One thing I picked out was a paper to make something for my son (all grown-up and a sports editor at a newspaper). Here's a picture of the paper.

Perfect for a sports fanatic, don't you think? I tangled, put it in a mat, and framed it. This picture doesn't show it framed because it would be hard to a take a picture without reflections.

I made it for my son's birthday which was last week, but I couldn't post it until now, because rather than mailing it to him (far away from us in Mississippi), I saved it to bring with us since we're visiting him for Thanksgiving. Didn't want him to see this blog before I gave it to him and spoil the surprise.

I'll soon be working on some of the other papers I bought and will share them here (if I like the results!)

Thanks Kelley for the inspiration, and happy birthday Josh!


  1. Genius. That's fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving, Caren!

  2. Wow, inspired and fun.

  3. Wonderful idea to take and run with. Now I think I will have to join the club and go dig through my scrapbook paper. What a beautiful piece of art. Great birthday present. What a lucky guy!

  4. That came out awesome, Caren!!!! Just phenomenal!!!


  5. so cool and what a great I gotta go look thru my old, old, old scrapbook papers that are stashed somewhere, haha....

  6. Great idea - and it came out fabulously!

  7. Caren, this is phenomenal ! I love it. What a neat idea when one wants to tangle something other than a tile! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Caren,
    My photo-hobbyist husband says that to avoid "flash-bounces & reflections" on framed pieces (from the glass) just shoot at a 45deg angle to the face of the artwork. Any flash-bounce goes away from your lens that way. :)