Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That's What Friends Are For

"For good times and bad times
I'll be on your side forever more
That's what friends are for"

Dionne Warwick

It was time to do something a little different. So I pulled out a couple of Dyan Reaveley stencils that I've had for a while but had not found the time to play with yet. These "ladies" needed a colorful background. My first try was Dylusion sprays. Without going into all the details, let me just say that it didn't go as planned and I had a page that I couldn't use. Onto my next idea, a watercolor wash. I decided to use my Peerless watercolors, which turned out to be a mistake. In addition to the color being too intense for my purpose, some of it seeped under the edges and messed up the images. But I wasn't going to give up that easily. For my third try I used Ranger distress ink pads with a blending tool. The ink did not blend as well as I would have liked, but it looked good enough for me to continue. After all, how does that saying go? Three strikes and you're out. Here's what I ended up with after tangling the ladies.

As I worked on this piece a story unfolded in my mind about these two good friends. First of all, just by looking at their outfits it's obvious that they are fashion trendsetters! Who would not want the clothes they're wearing? The one with the umbrella (added with a rubber stamp) is worried about her beautiful hair getting wet, while the other one, sporting her snazzy rain boots, is more worried about her feet getting wet. I'm sure they are discussing something very important as they stand out in the rain...maybe their next shopping trip. 

This piece was so much fun to work on. I foresee some of their friends making their way onto my journal pages another day. Next time I can only hope that it won't take me three tries to get the background right. 

I decided to experiment with music for this blog post. I hope it's working properly. Let me know what you think. 


  1. Love this post, love the music! Beautiful work, Caren darling! So creative.

    1. Thanks Ann! I don't know about you, but I spent the entire day today organizing all my new supplies!

  2. Perhaps the one under the umbrella just had her hair permed, and that is why it can't get wet! ;-)

    1. You might be right Jo-Ellen. The new Bunzo perm is all the rage.